more pets!!


idk what to put here for now so big dinosaur attack?

link me?

7/17/2023: just added some things, bet you cant find them. hint: i put a tamanotchi and a neopet on the pets page... thats basically it. oh! also check out the kittens on day of the baby.
3/14/2023: hai :3 i have plans in the works for this place. just so little time to sit down and code... pls enjoy the 'daily' in the meantime.
2/1/2023: tried and failed to do some things here XD
1/29/2023: added credits bc theres some resources i cant (or dont wanna) directly hyperlink, so check there if ur curious where i got something! although many of the assets here are my own. i will add a graphics page in the future.
1/27/2023: bread is here.
12/21/2022: made a real about page that i will add more to, and added a bunch of buttons for sites i like!
12/17/2022: there is now a google form for word submissions. it looks fugly but it works :P
12/9/2022: no sweeping changes have been made, but im adding a new word each day to keep you lovely 5 followers coming back. i hope you like it.
11/29/2022: words can now be submitted to be words of the day of the word. come see! the form isnt fancy rn because im lazy but ill fix it l8r ok
11/28/2022: day of the word
11/21/2022: dont worry, the site isn't abandoned... added pets and hope to add more!
6/20/2022: added various unimportant things.
6/19/2022: would you look at that, i almost have a sidebar!
6/18/2022: fixed a formatting issue!
6/12/2022: check out this fancy shmancy box!

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